Bourlet's Thinking
Tap Water in America

Iā€™m sure many of you will not consider the tap water is your first consideration when arriving in America. I will however like to point out that in hindsight, I definitely would have learnt where is safe to drink the tap water, and where you should bite the bullet and spend those extra dollars on the big bottles of aqua.

I guess we are generally spoilt in England with clean water, being an island surrounded by sea and with a good system in place with a high budget being spent on ensuring us brits get germ free water out of our taps. I was made aware that you have to be more careful with the tap water when travelling to avoid getting ill, however I presumed pretty much all the western countries can offer acceptable water supplies. I was horridly mistaken.

Along both the east and west coast, you are guaranteed both healthy and relatively tasty water (or at least as tasty as water can get). This will not however stay as you head further in. When we arrived in Phoenix Arizona, we drank the water they served from ALL the taps, which could only be described as a mud flavor attached. All three of us were ill very rapidly from this. This was the worst location in the USA for water, however the mud taste remained when we got to Texas, yet the water was much safer to drink. The mud taste in Texas did however improve as we went further south, which we put down to heading closer to the coast.

By the we reached Tennessee, we returned to good tasting and healthy water again and the rest of our journey was safe, however I wish I got a heads up first!