Bourlet's Thinking the new social media platform pronounced ‘social’ is the new social media platform brought out by Microsoft. Using the idea that Facebook had, they have begun by only letting students join. This might however be a long term goal, as is being recognised as more of a social research tool, than a direct competitor to Facebook.

Interestingly, you can create an account on using your Facebook account, an odd move, but understandable considering Facebook’s power and the ability to invite all your friends through your Facebook contacts. Alternatively, you can use your windows live account, which you might find, like me, you have some incredibly old contacts back from the days when we all used to chat on MSN.

The layout appears like a combination of Facebook and Google+, with the ‘video parties’ on the right hand side a direct rip off of the Google Hangouts, while the profile pages have the cover photo just like on Facebook. The lack of creativity or originality to the profile page has left me underwhelmed by, but all the social platforms have a tendency to add or change the layout as time progresses, therefore we will have to wait and see how this progresses.

From what I’ve seen, will not be ground breaking, and certainly won’t be tearing me away from my current social platform addictions. On the other hand, it can’t do much worse than Google+


Dino Dogan, one of the founders of Triberr, has invented something which will hit the media in the next few days.

This bright invention allows people to join a tribe where all the people in the tribe retweet each other, meaning your messages are spread incredibly far. The one massive glitch is that you need an invite to become involved. With highly influential figures joining this phenomenon, this concept will grow, and it is actually surprising this hasn’t already been done before, much like with most inventions.

Whatever the case, you are sure to hear more of Triberr in the following months!

Social Media – 8 Tips

Don’t focus purely on marketing – too many companies focus purely on plugging themselves to their audience. It is often a greater idea to bring up relevant and interesting stories or simply offering advice to followers.

Remember to have two-way communication. If all you are doing is updating your status, you are not engaging with your audience.

Check your ‘Social Ego’, by this I mean search for your company or your name on a number of search engines. It is essential to make sure all the results are positive, and if not, it is crucial you take action to change this. If you type in your company name on Google and a complaint appears near the top of the natural search results then you must address the complaint and try to redeem this circumstance. Alternatively, if you are acting as a single person, you might want to Google search your name, simply to ensure there are no pictures that need removing for professional purposes.

Use tools! Social media tools are incredibly useful applications to online marketing and becoming more and more essential for time efficiency. You should research and make a decision which ones suit you the most, however a few that I would recommend would be Rockmelt, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

Whatever you are writing…make it interesting!

Decide on your privacy settings before going any further. You may not want everyone to see a negative review, therefore care has to be taken on what may be seen, or you may alternatively want to monitor closely what is placed online.

Check on your competitors. This may seem like a sneaky thing to do, yet it is essential if you want to stay at the top of your game. Your competitors are selling the same product/service, therefore you can gain ideas on what works and what doesn’t from studying them.

Don’t overload your followers. Try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, would you want to see constant updates every 10 minutes? Nothing annoys me more than someone who completely fills my news feed, and that person will be deleted.