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Enhancing your CV - Media Cause

Building a strong CV to gain your ideal job is difficult, as you need the experience to get the job, yet you need the job to gain experience. Graduating from University with a marketing degree still leaves a large gap in your CV with any marketing work related experience. If you’re considering entering the world of online marketing, it might be worth taking a look at the Media Cause website at

Media Cause asks for people who have an understanding of online marketing to help a number of charities voluntarily. The work can be done in a matter of minutes, yet the impact can be incredibly beneficial for the charity, while your CV will be enhanced.

You can also gain further awareness of your sites or rise your profile in the marketing industry, as any articles you write on your blog for the charities will gain a larger audience. One of the charitable organisations may even be interested in offering you a long term option.

Media Cause also has an SEO SEM internship available which lasts about 2-4 months. The program is open to anyone in the world with a strong work ethic, exceptional computer skills and a passion to learn the craft of SEM & SEO. One key benefit to taking on this role is that, once the basic training is completed, you will be run through a certification test to identify your strengths and weaknesses, leaving you with a much improved CV and a vast amount of experience and practical knowledge.

You can also help out a non-profit organisation that you know of by nominating them to the website, or alternatively you can also make a donation through the site.

One alternative way you can get your name out into the job market and into employers minds is through the Linkedin groups. Nowadays, everyone has a Linkedin profile, however the groups are incredibly unused, despite the benefits to them. A vast number of business owners, managers and respected figures use this resource to ask questions, discuss topics of related interest or to advertise jobs available. If you make an active effort to join a number of groups and answer peoples questions, once a job becomes available, you will have done your prospects no harm!

A reaaally good website for you medical writers :)

If you plan on going into editorial or medical writing, Skillfram-exec is a really good site. 

I have absolutely no interest in medical writing haha but really good jobs available for who ever might be interested. they also have other roles like business development and account managers.

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